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granite crushing can make full use of the value of granite  


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17/11/2022 6:27 am  

It is well known that unlike limestone, granite is harder to break and will be severely worn. So how to give full play to the value of granite? This requires the use of professional mining equipment, design of granite process flow, good crushing effect, beautiful shape of finished particles, high output, high quality of finished aggregate, which can be widely used in construction, decoration, highway and other fields.

The Granite Crushing Plant Tanzania is very common in the sand and gravel yard, but many users do not see it anymore because of the high investment cost. Many users also asked about the simple granite crushing production line. Granite can be crushed into sand, and there are many configuration schemes for simple production lines. Common processes are as follows:

1. Granite crushing process flow

Equipment: coarse crushing jaw crusher, medium and fine crushing cone crusher (granite is hard, and the processing equipment is recommended to process materials above medium hardness), vibrating feeder, conveyor, screening machine and other auxiliary equipment.
Operation effect of production line: appropriate equipment shall be configured according to the actual production line, and the output can be met; Good discharge type, various finished product specifications, to meet different production needs; Stable, safe and reliable operation, long service life of equipment components; Less dust, low noise, green production site.

2. Granite Portable Crushing Plant

In the mobile era, mobile crushing equipment is naturally not backward. Two vehicles (jaw type+vibrating feeder, cone crusher+conveying and screening machine) are combined to form a small production line.

Operation effect of the production line: easy to move, stop when you go, saving transportation costs and material handling fees; High degree of intelligence, reduced manpower input and low failure rate; High technical level, good environmental protection performance.

3. Granite sand making process

Equipment: vibrating feeder - jaw crusher - cone crusher - sand making machine and various auxiliary equipment. If the sand yard has high requirements for finished sand, reasonable sand washing equipment can also be configured.

Operation effect of the production line: the whole line is fully equipped, crushed to make sand, with high output and good finished product granularity, which can be directly applied to various fields.

Ghana 400-450TPH Granite Crushing Project:


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