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Home ownership… it’s a blessing and a nightmare. I thought it would be fun to look for a house until I got into the search and realized everything involved.The closing took several months and don’t get me started on the setup and the move!Transferring utilities [url=]Mitch Morse Youth Jersey[/url] , able, internet, phone, address changes, turning on the water service, getting a moving truck [url=]Chris Jones Youth Jersey[/url] , setting everything up once moved in… the list goes on and on and was rough.Now that I’m settled there’s a different issue. Once a month I sit down at my computer, take a deep breath, and face the nightmare. I’m speaking of the day I pay all my bills.I find that it’s not only sad to see the money go out of my bank account, but I find it frustrating that there are so many different bills to pay! You’ve got your mortgage, but then you have to think about electric, water [url=]Travis Kelce Youth Jersey[/url] , cable, phone, internet, homeowners insurance, property taxes, lawn care [url=]Justin Houston Youth Jersey[/url] , and pest control. I wish I could just pay one bill each month that covers everything having to do with my home! I also wish I could have someone else go through the pain of paying my bills for me so I would have one less thing to worry about and I could shift my focus elsewhere. Fortunately for businesses, you can have these conveniences for your office! Executive suites are a solid option for professionals and small business owners and there are many time saving benefits in utilizing a full service office space to help keep your headaches to a minimum.
Executive Suites Benefits:
• Make managing monthly bills much simpler with a single invoice
• Executive suites are cost effective
• Our Exectuive suites come with a live receptionist without the overhead cost of hiring an employee
• More space without paying extra for the square footage through sharing common areas such as lobbies, kitchens, copy rooms
• Commercial office equipment (copier, fax, scanner [url=]Kareem Hunt Youth Jersey[/url] , etc.) is provided for your convenience
• Setup is a breeze with offices readily furnished and complete with a programmed phone and internet
• Move in within 24 to 48 hours to one of our executive suites.
• Short term leases and flexible terms allow your company to change and grow with executive suites.
For today’s professionals, executive suites can mean the difference between making or losing money. First and foremost, executive suites can help you save money by sharing common areas. And you are provided with one single bill for each month that covers everything having to do with your office! No more paying rent plus utilities, internet, phone, janitorial [url=]Patrick Mahomes II Youth Jersey[/url] , CAM charges, and more on separate bills. Enjoy the convenience of a consolidated bill.
Second, taking the time to find a new office is consuming enough without having to stress the details. At New Urban Suites & Business Club we know you are busy and aim to make your office move to executive suites as simple for you as possible. We provide everything you need so you can just bring your computer and you have a fully functional executive suites office almost immediately. Compare this option with renting traditional office space where it may take weeks just to get the internet andor phone lines installed and functioning. We also handle all your office setup and installation before you move in so you have fewer headaches and less downtime. Executive suites can help you operate more efficiently. If you haven’t hired an administrative staff just yet and you are doing all those clerical tasks that tie up your day, you might benefit from assistance from our staff. You can free up your time by delegating those office management and administrative tasks to our staff so you have time to do what you do best!
New Urban Suites boasts a prime location in Tampa, FL. The eco-friendly Tampa office is the area’s first New Construction LEED Certified Office Building and is centrally located on 7th Avenue in Ybor.
Finding the right office suites for your small business is where New Urban Suites comes in. Whether you’re looking for executive suites or office suites, we provide that executive office feel small businesses seek out. We offer office solutions to meet any business’ needs and budget. Full-time [url=]Tyreek Hill Youth Jersey[/url] , furnished executive suites include full technology including a dedicated phone line with personalized call answering, Internet, garage parking, and allow access to three conference rooms, a full kitchen, copy [url=]Armani Watts Womens Jersey[/url] , print and fax services, and clerical services. Virtual Offices provide a professional business address, mail and package handling, as well as a dedicated phone number with live reception. Virtual Office clients enjoy all the services and amenities of a complete office at a fraction of the price.

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