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TAMPA Womens Kentavius Street Jersey , Fla. (AP) — The San Francisco 49ers remained supportive of Reuben Foster until the linebacker gave the team no choice but to sever ties with him.That was the prevailing sentiment in the locker room after Sunday’s 27-9 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.“It’s what they had to do. I think the organization has handled the situation as best they could,” cornerback Richard Sherman said of the swift decision to release Foster following his arrest on a domestic violence charge hours before the game.“They’ve been patient and understanding of the type of person Reuben is and what kind of heart he has,” Sherman added. “But you understand the decision the organization has to make after repeated offenses.”Foster was arrested at the team hotel in Tampa and jailed overnight following an incident involving the second-year linebacker and a companion police identified as the same woman who accused Foster of hitting her in February, but later recanted the allegations.General manager John Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan said in April after charges from the earlier case were eventually dropped that the team had a zero-tolerance policy.“I care about Reuben, but nobody is bigger than the team,” Shanahan said, adding Foster had broken trust.“Our No. 1 rule is you got to protect the team, and he has put us in a bad light too much,” the coach added. “Hopefully this will fix him and he can be successful somewhere else.”Sherman said players attended team meetings Saturday night and went to bed not knowing anything had happened.“A lot of people woke up to the news. It’s just sad. You hate to see it. He worked hard and he’s grown as a guy,” Sherman said, reiterating he felt Foster had shown signs of making progress in the right direction before Saturday.“When you grow up under the circumstances that he grew up … you don’t have parents and you move home to home … you just make the best of what you got, and that’s what he tried to do,” Sherman said.“He got himself to Alabama, got himself to the NFL. It’s tough to develop the skills that you need to kind of make your way in the world, and he was trying,” Sherman added. “He was working hard. He knew his deficiencies and knew what he had to do. It’s just unfortunate this situation keeps coming up”Quarterback Nick Mullens said once the news began to spread, the 49ers took precautions to not let Foster’s situation become a distraction against the Bucs.“I don’t think it was,” Mullens said.Shanahan agreed.“I definitely addressed the elephant in the room when I saw (the players),” the coach said. “But no Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey , it didn’t affect the game at all.”Report: Rams were going to trade for Mack, trade him at the end of season The Los Angeles Rams notched their first win on Monday Night Football, beating the Oakland Raiders 33-13. The Raiders defensive front had issues andsorely missed recently traded pass-rusher Khalil Mack whom they dealt to the Chicago Bears for a couple draft picks. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Rams were trying to get Mack as well and then trade him at the end of the season to recoup the draft picks. Several teams were interested in Mack’s services, the San Francisco 49ers included. It was obvious securing Mack wouldn’t be cheap in draft capitol and would get worse when contract numbers got discussed. The Rams still have players like Jared Goff to extend, which at least makes the thinking process understandable, but still crazy. It was already known the Rams tried to trade for Mack. The Raiders declined a trade offer from the Rams due to fears the Rams would, “pick too low.” IE; the Rams would have a good season and the first rounders the Raiders no doubt would have received would be used in the tail end of the round. The Rams have been spending money like crazy in anticipation of 2018. They extended Todd Gurley, traded for Brandin Cooks, and backed up the Brinks truck for Aaron Donald. Adding Mack into the mix, along with that contract he received from the Bears, easily could have put the Rams into future salary cap struggles. This might have been the only way to get him. So all of that for a one-year rental. And it’s quite an assumption the Rams could get their picks back on the huge contract they’d no doubt sign him to. They probably could, but it’s still a risk.The Rams already traded draft picks for Cooks and would be risking more of their future for Mack. Failure to get their investment back would hurt their future. On the other hand, if that trade went through and the Rams got Mack, only with the intention to trade him after 2018, this could have been the most expensive Super Bowl all-in ever seen. In any case, the Rams clearly lost this battle in the arms race. If Monday night is any indication, they definitely could have used Mack. The Rams, with Ndamukong Suh and Aaron Donald on the same line managed just one sack against the Raiders. Who knows what the addition of Mack could have brought. It’s good for 49ers fans at the very least.


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