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Vacuum solenoid valve  



Vacuum solenoid valve

The vacuum valve controlled by magnetic force is called vacuum solenoid valve. The sealing mechanism of electromagnetic vacuum valve is the same as that of baffle valve, as shown in Figure 1. Normally, the valve cover of the solenoid valve is compressed by the spring to seal the pipeline channel. When the solenoid valve is required to open, the current is connected to the solenoid coil, which generates magnetic force to absorb the armature, and drives the valve cover to open the valve.

The solenoid valve can also be designed as a differential pressure type structure with inflation function, which is called vacuum differential pressure charging valve or electromagnetic differential pressure valve. It is installed at the air inlet of the oil sealed mechanical pump. The valve and the pump are connected to the same power supply. The start and stop of the pump directly control the opening and closing of the valve. When the pump is stopped due to work demand or sudden power failure.

The valve uses atmospheric pressure to make the valve core fall down automatically, cut off the channel connected with the vacuum system, and release air into the pump at the same time, so as to prevent the mechanical pump oil from flowing back and contaminating the vacuum system, which plays a role in maintaining the vacuum system and is conducive to the mechanical pump starting again.


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