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why is the battery atached to the device?  



so when I have the time, I will probably disassemble the unit, remove the bat, print a more stream lined housing for the display and a separate dongle housing for the battery. the battery is what makes the unit big and heavy and since its all wired any way, separating the battery housing to a dongle means it could be worn on a necklace or kept in a pocket.

just a thought. not a serious complaint or suggestion : P


I'd be curious how you go, but I'm always cautious about microdisplays due to their sensitive flex cables. 

I'm happy with the weight, even clipped to a cap the vufine itself doesn't move around much, it's the weight of the cables that pull it out of line. Add some slack and all is well.

I've been using my vufine plugged in for now, so the battery life is no concern of mine at all, and the battery could simply be replaced with a much lighter one if so desired. Still, I'm all for seeing vufine mods, so long as you don't care about your warranty anymore. 

I'll keep mine as is, at least for now. 


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