Using the Headband Mount

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  • Attaching a hat mount to your hat
    • Wear the Headband with the arm on the right side of your head. It should be positioned between your eye and ear.
    • Attach Vufine to the clip on the other end of the arm. Make sure the clip holds Vufine’s round indent.
    • Connect the cable to Vufine. Use the cable hook on the hat mount so that cable will not pull the Vufine body directly.
  • Adjusting the ball-joints
    • With the two ball-joints, the hat mount gives a wider range of adjustability to Vufine. Make sure to keep the Vufine close to your eyes so that you can see the full image.
  • Protect your eyes
    • We recommend wearing sunglasses or goggles while using the hat mount as it can hurt your eye if you accidentally fall or hit something.
  • If the ball-joints become too loose to hold Vufine, just contact us for a free replacement.