Vufine & Pokémon Go Plus

Nintendo just launched a new wearable device – the Pokémon Go Plus. The device is a companion to the popular AR location-based game, Pokémon Go.

Here at Vufine, we are big fans of Pokémon Go. Therefore, we were eager to try it out.


Here are my thoughts:

Pokémon Go Plus optimizes your competitive gameplay, but takes away the fun.

The Pokémon Go Plus allows you to continue to play Pokémon Go even when your phone is put away. At the release of Pokémon Go, player safety was a highlighted issue due to the fact that many players had their eyes glued to their devices while walking around. The Plus works by vibrating and blinking every time you pass by a PokéStop or a wild Pokémon. Instead of pulling your phone out to play, you simply push the button on the device to collect the items or catch the monster. You will not know what items or Pokémon you have obtained until pulling your phone out.

The Pokémon Go Plus does aid you in leveling up in the game because you can play whilst doing other things. However, it also changes the gaming experience. One of the popular features of Pokémon Go is the AR experience users get while catching their Pokémon. Using the Pokémon Go Plus takes away this experience. It turns game play into a routine, rather than a challenge.

I do enjoy that it allows users to more frequently gain experience points in the game. When you are a high level on Pokémon Go, leveling up is very difficult. The Plus speeds this up.

Favorite Part of Pokémon Go Plus: Screen Notifications

While using Pokémon Go Plus, unique notifications pop up on your mobile device. It lets you know when Pokémon are in range and whether or not you caught said Pokémon.


Bonus: With Vufine, you can see these messages while keeping your eyes forward.

Final Thoughts:

If you are eager to quickly level up, Pokémon GO is for you. It allows for more passive game playing, so while you are on the go or doing other tasks, you are still collecting XP in the app.

However, if fell in love with Pokémon GO for the nostalgia and the gaming experience, than this is an accesory that is not for you.

Using Vufine with the Pokémon Go Plus is in a way the best of both worlds. You can play on the go, but also feel connected to the game by having handsfree access to the screen. I would highly reccomend this set up to fellow passion Pokémon Go players,


Goro & the Vufine Team