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Asked Questions

  • What is Vufine?
    • Vufine is a high definition, wearable display that allows you to enjoy the functionality of your current technology in a handsfree environment. Vufine is great for piloting drones, operating remote cameras and dozens of other uses. Use Vufine anywhere you need an extra screen, without taking your eyes off the world around you.

  • What is compatible with Vufine?
    • Vufine can be used with a large variety of Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, Drones, Cameras and much more. See our Connectivity Page or email us at Support@vufine.com for more information.


      NOTE: Compatibility listings on the Connectivity page are for the current version of Vufine+. Some new devices are not supported by our older (2016 Kickstarter) models. Please consult with our customer support for the compatibility of older models.

  • How does Vufine connect to my device?
    • Vufine connects via HDMI cable and accepts a 720p signal. Vufine has a micro HDMI input jack and a micro to full HDMI cable.

  • Is Vufine wireless?
    • No. Vufine connects to your technology via a micro to full sized HDMI cable. We made a conscious decision to keep Vufine a wired product to avoid latency concerns and preserve battery life. We are open to the possibility of wireless connectivity in the future and our engineers are investigating the most efficient means of adopting it in line with our product vision.

  • What are the specs for Vufine’s screen?
    • Vufine’s utilizes an LCOS panel to provide a crisp virtual display that appears as a 4″ screen approximately 12″ from the user’s eye. Vufine is a 720p HDMI micro monitor that uses an LCOS qHD 960×540 panel.

  • How long is Vufine’s battery life?
    • Vufine has a 90 minute battery life that charges via micro USB. Vufine can run while charging for extended battery life.

  • Can Vufine fit on any pair of glasses?
    • Vufine attaches to glasses via magnetic docking station that allows it to be both easily adjustable and incredibly stable. Certain frames provide more stability than other. Very thin wire frames or very thick embellished frames may not support Vufine.

  • What if I don’t wear glasses?
    • Vufine ships with a pair of non-prescription glasses. Additionally, there are alternative mounting options for hats and headbands available through our site.

  • Does Vufine work for left eye use?
    • The current Vufine is designed for use with the right eye only. If you have a use case that requires a left-eye unit, please email us at support@vufine.com.

  • Does Vufine impede my vision?
    • Vufine is capable of being adjusted to sit above, below, or directly in your line of sight depending on your use case.

  • Can I drive while using Vufine?
    • Though the use of handsfree GPS systems is legal in many states, we do not recommend or condone using Vufine or Vufine+ while driving. Should you decide to use Vufine while driving be sure to read up on your local driving laws. Pay attention to the road, your surroundings and always observe the law.

  • Does Vufine have audio capabilities?
    • Vufine does not have built in audio. Standard wired or bluetooth headphones work easily with Vufine.

  • Is Vufine waterproof?
    • No. Vufine can handle a little water but we highly discourage wearing Vufine while scuba diving, frolicking in the rain or riding aquatic mammalia.

  • Does Vufine have a warranty?
  • Help! My Vufine won’t work!