Introducing Vufine+

Vufine+ is a high definition wearable display that seamlessly integrates with your technology, truly unlocking its full potential.

Optimized Display Modes

For the largest display across all your devices

HDMI Compatible

Compatible with any device capable of outputting a 720p HDMI signal

Highly Portable

Small and incredibly tough

Magnetic Docking Station

Easily adjustable and incredibly stable

Internal Battery

For a 90 minute runtime

Sleek Design

An elegant, comfortable design

Streamlined Functionality

Paring Vufine down to its most essential functionality allowed us to avoid privacy concerns, a confusing new interface and prohibitive pricing.

Exceptional Convenience

Whether for your smartphone, laptop, or drone, Vufine is a simple and highly accessible companion device that redefines your experience with technology.

Endless Opportunity

Vufine facilitates your engagement with technology across a near limitless set of use cases so, no matter the scenario, your hands are free to do the real work.

Meet Our Team

Vufine was founded by Goro Kosaka to create a simple wearable display that utilized the
functionality of current technology. Run by a small talented group of likeminded
individuals, the Vufine team is well versed in both the wearable market and myriad
challenges facing a Silicon Valley hardware startup.

Goro Kosaka

Founder & CEO

Danny Sato

VP of Operations

Doug Lee

Chief Product Designer

Daniel Rogan

Marketing Manager

Nadhiya Govindaraj

Customer Service Manager

Now Available to Order for $199

Even if you missed out on our highly successful Kickstarter campaign, Vufine+ is shipping and available to order worldwide.