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so if im reading this right, your current product can be attached to most any glasses frame.

as for connecting it to computers(excluding smartphones), the machine must support hdmi output of 720p?

to connect it to a smartphone, the phone needs to have a "mirror/extend screen while wired" function?

because it needs to maintain a wired connection to function, does it charge while plugged in? that would probably suck concerning phones but would be a bonus concerning everything else. I would hope a simple switch on the display would could be used to toggle that function on/off.

are you guys planning to add "miracast" to your potential successor device?  last time I checked, miracast is still the standard protocol for wireless display streaming. at least concerning smartphones. if you do go down that road, id suggest adding a Bluetooth headset to your package. as it sits right now, id need to use a separate headset to control the device.

lastly, nice job supporting a forum. your product looks pretty cool too. im not crazy about it needing to be wired all the time, but at least it looks like it works with pretty much everything.


The device can either use a single HDMI cable for video in, and it will operate using its internal battery, or you can plug in a HDMI cable and a micro-usb cable and it will draw power from the USB cable instead of its battery. If you just plug it in through HDMI, it won't drain your phone.

I recommend connecting it to your desired device through HDMI, then to an external battery pack for power. Even a small pack like a 2200mAh one will keep the vufine running for hours. With a 10Ah pack it'd easily run all day I suspect.


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