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Screen resolutions, Vufine vs. Vufine+  



Hiya all, I'm looking at getting a Vufine, but I can't tell the difference between the screen on the first and second model.

The animation on the kickstarter campaign for the Vufine+ makes it look like the + has a 4:3 display with built in scaling modes, whereas the original was 19:9


However the specs for both show a qHD 960x540 display.

This makes me think the only difference in the Vufine+ is the scaler and optics, not the display itself.

Is this correct?

Anyway, great product regardless, I've been looking for a small HUD for years, don't know how I missed this one, and the mounting alone makes the Vufine+ worth the upgrade anyway. I'm just curious what I'm getting into, as native resolutions mean a lot for what I'll be using it for.


Cheers, Ryan.


Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your interest in Vufine!

You are correct that the display is exactly the same for both the standard and plus. 

The differences lie in the display modes and updated EDID. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions.




Thanks for the update.

I'm looking for something that can do direct passthrough from HDMI to the LCD, in the LCD's native resolution, with no wasted pixels on the border. Which model and display mode best suits my needs?


Actually I'll update that last post: My question is that if the device has a 960x540 display, why do none of the examples listed show a 960x540 output?

Was this simply an error on marketing's behalf? Because it looks like no matter what, you can't use the full display in any mode.


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