Connecting Drones

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For a full list of compatible drones, please see our compatibility page.Or, you may reach out to us directly at if you have any questions regarding specific models that are not answered below. 

  • Your Drone controller has an HDMI output:
    • If your drone’s controller is equipped with a full-size HDMI connector, you can simply connect Vufine using the included HDMI cable. If the HDMI output is a micro or mini HDMI, you will need an adapter or alternate cable.
    • Examples of drones with full-size HDMI outputs: Phantom 4 Pro/Adv with Remote Including Display, Inspire, Inspire 2, Yuneec Typhoon H w/ ST16 Remote, H920, H520 etc.
  • Your Drone controller has optional HDMI adapter:
    • If your drone controller does not have HDMI, check to see if there is an optional  HDMI add-on. DJI Phantom 3 & Phantom 4 with standard controller have an optional HDMI module that may be installed for any external monitoring solutions.
  • The control device connected to your controller has an HDMI output:
    • You may connect Vufine directly to your control device – monitor/tablet/smartphone – connected to your controller. Tablets and monitors with an HDMI output include but are not limited to: DJI Crystal Sky, Nvidia Shield, Astro A10 etc.
  • Your tablet or smartphone is wirelessly connected and supports HDMI output:
    • You may simply connect Vufine to your device to mirror the display: iOS/Android. For a full list of smartphones and tablets, please see our compatibility page