Connecting PC/Mac

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For a full list of compatible PCs, Macs & Laptops, please see our compatibility page. Or, you may reach out to us directly at if you have any questions regarding specific models that are not answered below.

  • Your computer has a full-size HDMI connector:
    • If your Mac/PC is equipped with a full-size HDMI connector, you can simply connect Vufine using the included HDMI cable.  If the HDMI connector is micro or mini HDMI, you will need an adapter or alternate cable.
  • Your Mac has thunderbolt / Mini Display Port:
    • If your Mac has a thunderbolt or Mini Display Port, you will need a thunderbolt / Mini Display Port to HDMI adapter.
  • Your computer has type-C USB connector that supports HDMI output:
    • If your device has a Type-C USB connector that supports HDMI output, you will need a Type-C USB to Full-size HDMI adapter.
  • Your computer has DVI connector:
    • You will need a DVI to HDMI adapter.
  • Notes:
    • Some computers require you to manually adjust display settings to output 720p/60Hz.
    • You may need to open display settings to have Windows detect Vufine as a new display.
    • Change this settings to switch between mirroring the main display or using as a secondary display.
    • Classic Windows control panel:
    • You may need to restart your computer.