InterDrone 2016


We just got back from a very successful week at the InterDrone Conference in Las Vegas. In 2015, we were awarded InterDrone’s Coolest Startup of the Year award. This year, we returned to the event now with a live product to share.



We always have a great time talking to fellow drone enthusiasts about Vufine. We brought a handful of units to the show and completely sold out by day 4.

Recently, the FAA passed a regulation (Part 107) that requires pilots to always maintain direct line of site with their craft during flight time. Therefore, the benefit of using Vufine was immediately recognized by pilots.

This was also a great experience to continue debuting our new mounting options. As many pilots operate in bright and sunny conditions, many were very excited to try out our new hat mount.

Overall, it was a wonderful show. We are looking forward to many more successful drone and UAV events in the future.

-The Vufine Team