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  • Cinema5D

    If you are looking for a wearable display option that boasts an impressive list of compatible cameras, then the Vufine+ might just be for you. I’m most excited about what the Vufine+ represents: a product category in its infancy that promises a bright future for filmmakers looking to get just a little bit closer to the image they’re shooting.

  • The Verge

    All I did was plug the Vufine’s HDMI cable into the Pi Zero. Then I plugged a USB mouse into the Pi. Then powered up the Pi by plugging it into the battery pack.... Software setup was just as simple. I booted the Pi to its default OS (an SD card with the OS installed came with my Pi), paired to my Bluetooth keyboard, and launched the terminal so I can use my favorite text editor: Vim. Now I can do everything I want with my keyboard, because everything I want to do is write.

  • The Next Web

    If you’re using it to monitor your drone footage while you pilot it using both hands, it’s a nifty tool to have. The Vufine+ works well, feels durable and offers a solid 90 minutes of use on a single charge, making it a good purchase for people in the aerial imagery business. There are even headband and hat mounts to allow just about every kind of user to wear it comfortably.

  • Tech Legends

    Vufine+ seems to be the next step to make wearable devices easily available for the common masses. It’s useful and affordable at the same time. I definitely think it’s a great product. We would definitely recommend getting the Vufine+.

  • Venture Beat

    And that’s where Vufine wants to fit in. It doesn’t want you to bring the Vufine+ to the bar. They want you to bust it out when your hands are busy building something at work or recording aerial footage as a hobby with your drone. Then, when you get home, they want you to take the damn thing off when you’re in the shower before you head out to socialize with other human beings.