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  • Pokde

    Wearable gadgets are really trendy to have, and there is plenty of headroom in terms of improvisation. Of course, cost is a concern and Vufine+ has made itself a beautiful spot in terms of affordability. The official kickstarter campaign of the Vufine+ has just gone up at the time of this article, so you can be an early backer to get the Vufine+ at it’s best price!

  • Inventor Spot

    The quality of the physical product is solid, it doesn't feel cheap, and the base used to attach the Vufine to glasses is well done. Being able to swivel the unit to get the right angle is a breeze, but the magnet is still strong enough to where you won't really have to worry about it falling off.


    Vufine recently announced the launch of a wearable with the same name, consisting of a glasses-attached 720p screen that goes straight to user’s eye. Vufine+ is the second generation of the product, bringing some updates to the initial version, such as portrait and landscape view, and increased viewing area.

  • The Huffington Post

    Vufine+ is a great way to keep one eye on your phone while keeping your attention open to what’s happening in your direct FOV and peripheral vision.

  • Slash Gear

    Image quality is surprisingly good. There are no brightness, contrast, or other picture controls, and no adjustments for focus, but I had no problem making out text in iOS.