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Scroll vacuum pump  



Scroll vacuum pump

The structural characteristics and many advantages of the vortex vacuum pump have been widely known by us, so it has been applied in many industries, and has been generally praised. The application range of vortex vacuum pump is very wide.

The function of mechanical equipment is there, but different people may find it different. The same is true for the scroll vacuum pump. You can use it as the front stage pump to create a more ideal vacuum environment by cooperating with the main pump. In this way, a good oil-free vacuum system can be obtained. It can also be used separately according to its characteristics and theoretical application place.

The work content of rotary vane vacuum pump and slide valve vacuum pump can be completed by scroll vacuum pump. Some manufacturers can not meet the standard you need. You can also buy scroll vacuum pump to maintain the pressure of the front stage of a vacuum pump lower than the critical pressure. Of course, assuming that the rotary vane vacuum pump and slide valve vacuum pump of the manufacturer are good, don't you have more choices.


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